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Renting With Pets

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If you're a renter with a pet, you have probably run into this same restriction many times over. In fact, "no pet housing" is one of the top reasons why pets end up at animal shelters and humane societies every year.

PetFriendlyRentals offers tips and information to both renters with pets, and to landlords (or property managers) who are considering renting to people with pets.

Pet-friendly apartments and other rental housing are not impossible to find - it just takes a bit of homework. Renters who can demonstrate that they are responsible pet owners have a better chance of locating apartments that allow pets ... and landlords who permit pets (from responsible owners) can benefit from lower occupancy rates.

If you're moving and are still looking for long-term housing that allows pets, you can stay in a pet-friendly hotel or other holiday accommodation while you look around. Ask the accommodation for their pet policy. You may need to hire a pet-sitter or find a doggy daycare if you will need to leave your pet for extended periods of time while you work or look for an apartment.